Laser Wheel Alignment

Supertracker Digital Laser Wheel Alignment Technology Centre


Supertracker Laser Wheel Alignment

Supertracker are the leading suppliers of laser wheel alignment technology and we are happy to have an in house Supertracker digital wheel alignment system here at our service centre.

Laser Wheel Alignment in Bradford

Our Laser Wheel Alignment Centre is based at our Service & M.O.T centre in Bradford. Using the Supertracker STR1LCHC24 we have the ability to measure toe and thrust angle as standard making sure you have the truest wheel alignment on your vehicle.


What is Laser Wheel Alignment?

The term Wheel Alignment is the general description given to the service required to check and correct the many mechanical devices which go together to form the vehicles steering and suspension system.


Laser Wheel Alignment Prices

We charge a standard rate of £20 for tracking any vehicle. However, if you have a larger vehicle please contact the dealership to check whether we can accommodate your vehicle.


Booking Your Laser Wheel Alignment

We have an online booking system where you can book your laser wheel alignment at a time that suits you. To book your vehicle in for tracking, please visit our appointments page or call the dealership to arrange a booking.

Supertracker Digital Wheel Alignment


Supertracker was established in 1987 and since then Supertracker has grown to be the leading wheel alignment equipment manufacturer in the UK.

Supertracker STR1LCHC24


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