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Triumph GT6 MK1 Restoration Project

Triumph GT6 MK1 Restoration Project – Part One

The history of DC Motor Trading goes back a long way. The business was started by my grandad William Denny and has passed down the generations. My dad Paul, William’s son, specialised in the repairing of damage vehicles and during the height of the 80’s the company was one of the busiest car repair garages in Bradford. My brother Wayne is fully trained car body specialist and he has won local awards for his work on various types of vehicles and he continues to work for my Dad on his classic cars and his own projects.

The Denny family have always had a love and passion for cars, especially classic cars, and for Waynes 40th birthday he decided to purchase a restoration project in the form of a Triumph GT6 MK1.

Triumph GT6 Mark One

A fully restored Triumph GT6 MK1

Stage One – Sourcing the Triumph GT6 MK1

transported triumph gt6

Our new GT6 being taking off the transporter trailer.

We embarked on a search for a suitable project and with most things these days, eBay is the perfect sourcing point amongst local adverts and specialist car magazines. After searching for a few weeks we eventually came across an unfinished restoration project on eBay from Swindon.

We hired a transporter trailer and collected this gorgeous classic vehicle and took it back to our garage and workshop in Bradford.


Stage Two – Dismantling the Vehicle

Dismantling the GT6

Dismantling the GT6 interior.

Our first step was to admire this beautiful machine!! Although it may not look beautiful to most, we can visualise the finished car and there is something very special and exciting about the GT6.

Triumph GT6 Engine Removal

Preparing the GT6 for it’s engine removal.

As there where some ancillaries missing from the engine, we could not check to see if the engine and gearbox were in any sort of working order, however we don’t see this to be a major issue as an unleaded conversion will be required along with a full rebuild of the engine. We will update on this later!

All the body parts where removed and then the main body tub was separated from the chassis ready for it to be sent off for de oxidising, cleaning and priming.


Stage Three – Body & Chassis Restoration

Some parts of the body will need repair and panel beating due to the rust that has developed over the years, but our main priority at this stage is to get the main chassis and body tub cleaned and restored.

We have been looking at a company called Pro Strip to undertake this work as this is really a specialist job with specialist equipment. It will use their 7 step process which is as follows:

Stage 1 – Thermal clean – The controlled thermal process removed all paint and contamination eg under seal from components without any damage stress or warping.

Stage 2 – Rinse – Components are rinsed with high pressure cold water to remove all traces of paint and contamination

Stage 3 – De Rust – Parts are immersed in a mild de-rusting solution to remove all corrosion and oxidisation without damage.

Stage 4 – Rinse = Hot water neutralising rinse – removing all traced of de rust solution.

Stage 5 – Coated = A high specification phosphate is applied to the surface which provides rust inhibition.

Stage 6 – Dry – Parts are low baked to completely remove all moisture from inside cavities, sills etc.

Stage 7 – Protect – A neutralising water based seal is applied to prevent flash using and improving paint adhesion.

Triumph GT6 Chassis

Triumph GT6 Chassis ready for cleaning.

Triumph GT6 Body Tub

Triumph GT6 Body Tub ready for cleaning.

Triumph GT6 Engine

Triumph GT6 Engine ready for it’s overhaul.

All this will give us a firm foundation to work on and will also add to the life expectancy of the GT6.

So this is where we are at this moment in time. We will keep you updated in Part 2 for our next part of the Triumph GT6 MK1 Restoration Project.

In the mean time, Wayne is currently working on some of the project below.


Other Classic Car Restoration Projects

As well as the Triumph GT6 restoration, we have several other restorations projects we are working on including a Triumph Spitfire 1500, two MG Midgets, Jaguar XJC coupe and a Jaguar XJ6 4 Door.

Some of our classic car restorations are our own projects, however some of the finished vehicles will be available for sale soon including the Triumph Spitfire 1500. Keep checking back at our listings for when they are completed for sale.

Check back soon for Part 2 of the Triumph GT6 Mark One Restoration Project. See you soon . . .

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